Anything that has to do with a child has to do with a paediatrician.

A paediatrician is very often the very first stop in all child related issues re growth and development, medical advice, all child illnesses, learning difficulties, school problems, medical check-ups for children.

The paediatrician is often the coordinating person in complex problems where different specialities need to be involved: like the school, a play therapist, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, the GP etc.

Dr Heyns sees children from birth to 16 years.

The same way that you are choosing your gynaecologist or gp, you can also choose your paediatrician. You can ask your gynaecologist when you are pregnant, if he or she recommend somebody, or you can deliver at one hospital and then after the delivery choose the paediatrician you would like and move over to that practice. Besides the birth chart that you get from the hospital, you do not need a specific referral letter from the paediatrician who attended to the baby at birth.

It is always nice to meet the parents before a baby is born. This will lead to a good relationship starting already before we meet the little one, and it makes the whole birth experience less frightening and unsure.

Routine health checks are usually done by Dr Heyns at birth; 6 weeks; 4months; 8 months; 1 year; 18 months; 2 years; and then every year thereafter.
At every check weight and development will be reviewed, the families questions and problems will be attended to and information will be given the next couple of months. This will include guidance on sleep training, weaning onto solids, teething, discipline, development, the way a particular age view the world and experience things. This will be done according to age and the patient’s needs.

Any time that a child is sick the family is welcome to make an appointment with Dr Heyns. This is for acute illnesses like ear infections, chest infections, tummy infections, throat infections etc. but also for longstanding problems and illnesses.

Other indications to come and see Dr Heyns are any concerns the parents might have re development or growth, problems at school, behaviour problems, eating problems etc.

Also patients with longstanding problems like recurrent chest infections, chronic constipation, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Eczema and many other problems are welcome to make an appointment with Dr Heyns.

Dr Heyns is also trained to do Neonatology, which means illnesses related to babies from birth to 28 days. This often refers to Prematurity, Birth related illnesses, chest problems, feeding problems etc. These babies often present at birth with their illness, and will be admitted to the Neonatal Unit at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital or Cape Town Medi-Clinic. Dr Heyns works very closely together with Dr Nel a neonatologist, providing the very best care for your baby.