Dr Heyns and her husband are both very excited about their own little miracle baby boy which is due to be born on the 9th of October if all goes well with a cesaerian section. His due date is the 19th of October, but elective caesers are always scheduled 1-2 weeks ahead of time.

She is extremely excited, as this is her first little baby, besides all those lovely babies of yours which are so close to her heart. She already misses them dearly.

She will be on maternity leave from the beginning of October until the end of January. Her practice is covered for the first half by dr Melissa Mouton, and the second half by dr Naisan Samadi. Both these doctors are lovely and very capable paediatricians. They will work exactly as dr Heyns, they are available on the same numbers and e-mail as dr Heyns is. If you are in need of an appointment please contact the office on 021 422 1354. For e-mail advice please mail to drheyns@thrivingkids.co.za The rest of her colleagues are also on standby and available to help.

Dr Heyns wish to send all her love to her patients. They are very close to her heart, and she is very excited to see them again in the near future - hopefully with lots of new ideas and personal advice.