Flea Bites - a Little Pest Control

Flea Bites in Kids

Flea bites are a common problem in children and is often the reason for a paediatric visit as parents think this is the start of a ‘rash’…

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Dr Heyns is awaiting her own bundle of joy

Dr Heyns and her husband are both very excited about their own little miracle baby boy which is due to be born on the 9th of October if all goes well with a cesaerian section. His due date is the 19th of October, but elective caesers are always scheduled 1-2 weeks ahead of time.

She is extremely excited, as this is her first little baby, besides all those lovely babies of yours which are so close to her heart. She already misses them dearly.

She will be on maternity leave from the beginning of October until the end of January. Her practice is covered for the first half by dr Melissa Mouton, and the second half by dr Naisan Samadi. Both these doctors are lovely and very capable paediatricians. They will work exactly as dr Heyns, they are available on the same numbers and e-mail as dr Heyns is. If you are in need of an appointment please contact the office on 021 422 1354. For e-mail advice please mail to drheyns@thrivingkids.co.za The rest of her colleagues are also on standby and available to help.

Dr Heyns wish to send all her love to her patients. They are very close to her heart, and she is very excited to see them again in the near future - hopefully with lots of new ideas and personal advice.

Picky Eating

Picky eaters are a phenomenon that is present in most households and is something that causes a lot of stress in both parents and their children. It leads to hours of fighting around the table, tears (and I do not only refer to those of the kids), worrying about the kids’ nutrition, health and growth and high expenses in trying to supplement the children’s diets.

But, what exactly is picky eating? And when do you need to worry about it? And is their anything you can do about it?

This article will try to answer most of your questions and give you an idea on what might contribute to their behavior. It will provide you with ideas on how to manage the picky eater, how to supplement their diet and turn your little picky eater into a piggy eater.

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Kids on the Cyber Cloud

Kids are now growing up in a virtual world, with access to people and ideas from all over the world. This has huge advantages, but there are also big pitfalls. So – what are the dangers, and how do you as parents guide your children safely through this maze?

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Saturdays available in office during March and April

Working during the week?
No time to bring your child to the paediatrician?
Read here to see when dr Heyns is open for consultations on a Saturday!

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Baby Walkers - are they good or are they bad?

Is it all it seems? Is it a nice toy that has the added advantage of making your baby walk sooner? Or is the truth much more ominous?

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Pregnancy Week at Christiaan Barnard Hospital

Saturday 18th of February is pregnancy week celebration at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital.

I will be talking between 10-10:30 am about the first 6 weeks. About what is normal and what to expect. I will be covering what normal poo looks like, jaundice, colic and a couple more of those interesting things one always wonder about but does not know who to ask. There will be question time as well.

This talk is part of a series of talks that start at 09:00 at the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital. These talks will cover topics like: The Birthing Plan Making informed descisions. Sex during Pregnancy, and Discipline in Kids.

It is free of charge in there will be lots of goodies up for grabs.

You can RSVP at Labour Ward on 021 480 6148

See you there!

Sleeping in the Infant

Sleeping in children and sleeping through is very often a very big problem in households. Babies can start sleeping through from as young as 4-6 months, but this often does not happen and as the child grow older sleeping becomes just more and more of a battle. This scenario often ends in exhausted parents and hyperactive children.

Sleeping through is a learned behaviour. It is something the body had to learn to do. You normally go through a number of sleep cycles every night, at times sleeping deeper and other times sleeping lighter again. Usually you will fall asleep in a certain position which your brain associates with the induction of…

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Weaning onto Solids

Going onto solids is one of the first big feeding milestones in the life of your child. It is very important that food is introduced the right way, as this is very often the beginning of feeding problems in later life.

There is a lot of controversy on exactly when the right time is to start with solids, and the only consensus that has been reached is that the ideal time is between 4 and 6 months. Therefore it is not recommended to start before 4 months, as this might lead to digestive problems, and not after 6 months, as this leads to tactile feeding problems.

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Feeding for 1+ Year Olds

At the age of 1 year everything changes in your baby’s life. He is not a baby but a little baby anymore, but a little boy or girl with lots of new little habits and ways of doing things. He becomes a whole lot more independent.

He wants to eat himself, and it is very important to let him do it for the sake of his development. I know it is a mess, but he needs to feel the food in his hands in order for him to tolerate it in in his mouth. They love finger foods.

It is important that he is included in family meals, as they often mimic other people and children, and will eat because they are eating. They also need to eat what the rest of the family is eating, and baby food is not a good option for them anymore. So switch them to the family diet, but just cut it into smaller pieces.

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